Meet Hannah

Hannah Siddiqui is a 22 year-old writer, educator, and spiritual coach from the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. Her purpose in life is to help people uncover their own spiritual power through utilizing the tools of manifestation, positive affirmations, and astrology. On her social media platforms she coins affirmations, horoscopes, and "real life" talks daily, inspiring thousands of people to turn inwards and begin to recognize their own power. As one fan notes, Hannah has cultivated a "welcoming and inclusive community," and has "helped people everywhere find their voice and confidence within themselves."

Her career began at the tender age of 16 with the founding of The Road to Hannah, a lifestyle blog that quickly gained traction due to her "punk rock nature" and "no-filter attitude". After participating in national ad-campaigns, collaborating with some of the world's most notable brands, and even giving a TEDx talk in 2017, she began to set her sights on photography (which she retired from in 2020), and has worked alongside the likes of Adidas, Facebook, Toyota, and more. As of 2019 she is also a certified meditation and breathwork instructor, and teaches both online and in-person at Anchor Meditation in San Francisco, California.

Hannah is also a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, having studied Sociology and English Literature (Go Bears).

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“When I turn inwards I inspire others to do this same. The work I share is a direct reflection of the work that I'm constantly doing within myself.”

A Peek Into the Offline Hannah -

I’m an Aries sun, Sagittarius moon, and Taurus rising, with a Pisces stellium. I’m an Enneagram 3, an INTJ in Myers-Briggs, and my love language is quality time. So needless to say, nothing makes me happier than being of service to others, traveling the world, and spending time with those I love. I’m the eldest of four kids and a girlfriend to the sweetest Gemini you’ll ever meet. I dream of being a dog mom (along with being a #1 NYT bestselling author) and on days when I’m not working from my bed with a matcha latte in hand, you can find me exploring my beautiful home in the San Francisco Bay Area, obsessing over all-thing clean beauty, and helping my friends redesign their spaces (I love interior design!)

I never expected to be a spiritual leader -

And truth be told, if you had told me prior to 2016 that THIS is the impact I would be making, I wouldn't have believed you. Yet, through my own spiritual journey, I've realized that we always end up where we need to be, even if it's different from where we initially wanted to go. From ballerina to model to photographer to now-spiritual mentor to thousands, my story is proof that when you lean into faith and trust in the Universe's plan, life will unfold beyond your wildest dreams.

Client Love

For me, learning astrology is no easy task, but taking Astrology Basics with Hannah was so much fun. Not only did she present the information in a way that was digestible and relevant, but she brought a sense of humor to the class that made the experience so much lighter. I took away a lot from this 2-hour workshop and feel like it has helped me make connections between my life and relationships that would have otherwise remained a mystery. I was definitely a bit of a skeptic heading into this course, but now knowing what I know, I can say with confidence that Hannah and other astrologers are onto something. This class was a great way to dip my toes into the basics of natal charts and while I still have a lot to learn, this course laid a wonderful foundation for my knowledge to grow upon. Thank you Hannah!!!

—Astrology Basics Student

"I am so grateful for Hannah for bringing the practice of breathwork into my life. She has a great talent for guiding others through transformative, meditative experiences with grace and intuition. Hannah provides such wonderful support to her clients in-person and online by cultivating a space that encourages curiosity and wonder about the subtle body. It helps me immensely to hear Hannah’s affirmations throughout the class and I find it much easier to sit with any physical or emotional discomfort knowing that I have a knowledgable teacher there to support me. Finally, I appreciate Hannah’s openness to questions, even silly ones. She is so skilled at providing an accessible, educational experience and I recommend her courses to everyone interested in breathwork or meditation!"

—Breathwork Student

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