What I'm Learning from my Inner Voice (Part 1)

inner voice intuition spirituality Jun 24, 2021
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When I first embarked on my spiritual journey in early 2016, one of the first resources that I stumbled upon was Jess Lively. Her podcast, "The Lively Show" quickly became one of my favorites, and I still binge-listen to her episodes this day. If you're unfamiliar with Jess' work, she's developed an incredible modality for connecting to your inner voice/ inner being (aka your intuition) and moving forward in a fashion she calls "beyond the mind." If you've ever listened to Abraham-Hicks, then this idea might not sound unfamiliar. Essentially, it's about letting the mind actively take a backseat while we fully let the inner voice come out to play.

I've always known that I've had a strong intuition, and when I look back on moments in my life, I can see that there were so many ordinary moments that I chalked up to happenstance. From knowing all of the correct answers on a test that I didn't study for, to being able to intuitively interpret natal chart placements with my astrology clients, my intuition is strong, and it's my greatest asset. This isn't to brag; I firmly believe that everyone can tap into their intuition, and have a strong one as well. But all this to say, I know it was my intuition that led me into inner voice work.

When Jess Lively opened up her Inner Voice Facilitator Training (IVFT) last year, I immediately knew that I wanted to do it- at some point. At the time, my intuition said it was a "no," and I'm so glad that I listened to that. So I continued to listen to her podcast, continued to listen to Abraham-Hicks, and tried my best to flow through what's been a very difficult season of life. When the pandemic hit, I knew that the amount of changes actively going on in my life would have distracted from the IVFT; I was so glad that I didn't do it.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021; I received an email from Jess Lively's email list about applying for a free session with a facilitator who was finishing up their training. I immediately jumped on the opportunity, but unfortunately, didn't hear back. I figured the facilitators had chosen other clients, and assumed it wasn't meant to be.

That was, until last week.

A beautiful woman named Megan reached out to me, and on June 19th, we met for a 2 hour inner voice session. I went into it having little idea of what to expect, and a deep fear that my inner voice wouldn't come forward for me. Despite the fact that I pride myself on my strong intuition, I was very scared that the session would be a dud (on my end, not hers).

Thankfully, that couldn't be further from the truth.

My inner voice came through loud and clear, and brought forth so many beautiful messages. What I thought would be a long and difficult session ended up flying by so quickly- I could have sat and allowed my inner voice to talk for double the amount of time. I learned so much more from my inner being in two hours than my mind has learned in two years; it's beyond wild to think about. Since then, I've taken one additional class through Jess Lively's Collaboratory, and I have plans to take more.

So with that, I wanted to write this post to share and reflect on two of the biggest lessons that my inner voice taught me in our first sessions together.

The Mind Deeply Desires to Relax, Too

If you hear Jess, or any other IVFT facilitator discuss this work, they're quick to point out the different between "being" and "doing". The mind is quick to take action, and remind us of what we could be doing more of. But the inner voice, on the other hand, deeply desires a state of relaxation or "flow". It reminds us that what is, is, and that what can become is in our control, should we also remember to surrender and flow with the rhythm of our inner voice. 

But what my mind emphasized several times, is that it too wants to relax.

When Megan was guiding me into the session, she had me imagine that my mind was just going to take a nap on a hammock while my inner voice came out to play. I physically pictured my mind as a little stick figure with legs, walking over to a hammock on a beach and taking a rest. It sounds silly as I type it out now, but that visual helped me immensely in conceptualizing the difference between my mind and my inner voice. And the ease in which my mind was able to relax, let me know that the mind, too, needs its breaks. 

So often we get caught up on the hamster wheel of life, spinning and spinning in circles to no avail; waiting for the moment where we finally reach some peak of perfection and can feel worthy of slowing down. For most of my life thus far, I've had this mindset. But what I realize now, is that mindset is actually one of the things holding me back.

You see, we can only "effort" our way through life so much; at some point, we get tired and feel forced to slow down. But that act of forcing creates a tremendous amount of resistance. And resistance is the direct opposite of ease and allowing. And allowing = receiving = manifestation in action. We can't manifest if we are operating through life with the ethos of "efforting."

One of the most beautiful gifts this session gave me, was the ability to see beyond the obligation to effort and the permission to sink deeper into surrender. The whole rest of the day after my session, with this metaphorical permission slip in my hand, I felt physically lighter and mentally clearer. For the first time in a while, the hamster was off the wheel.

Money, Love, and "Earthly" Desires Become More Available to Us when We Be

 Listen, if there's one thing I've learned so far in my two sessions, it's that the inner voice wants us to experience divine abundance just as much as we do (if not even more). Your inner voice doesn't want you to suffer. As Jess Lively says, its primary desires are for you to feel safe, loved, and okay. And for many, if not most of us, those things include being loved, having a partner and/or a family, a roof over our heads, etc.

Those "earthly" desires, or desires of the mind, can absolutely be desires of the inner voice as well. After all, they are a means of achieving our most basic, fundamental needs, in the eyes of our inner voice. To demonize or get down on ourselves for desiring these things goes against our fundamental nature.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: abundance is your birthright. You deserve to live a wildly positive, wildly abundant life in whichever way feels in alignment for you. And your inner voice wants this for you as well. 

In addition to these divinely channeled messages from my inner voice, I also received smaller, less obvious but clearer downloads. The first, was to buy a green ring. And the second, was to drink lilac tea.

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen this lilac tea scenario develop over the past few months. Back in April, I had a Flower Medicine Reading with my friend Gina, where I first received the message to make lilac tea. Then, it came up again in this session. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to make it, as lilac tea is incredibly rare and dried lilac flowers are hard to find... but my inner voice has told me to make my own. At the time of this writing, we're approaching the end of lilac season, so I'll be heading to the Oakland Flower Market tomorrow to see what I can find. Fingers crossed I can get some.

And in terms of the green ring... I really have zero clue as to where that is coming from. Even Megan seemed surprised. She asked my inner voice if I was supposed to go out and seek one, and it confidently replied back, "no." Similarly, she asked if I would know what it was as soon as I saw it, and it said, "yes."

I have no idea what this means or why it's important, but I trust my inner voice to guide the way. If a green ring is what I need, then so be it. I hope, at least, that it's a pretty one!

My first two inner voice sessions were beyond anything that I could have ever imagined, and I'm so beyond excited to continue with more. As I go through more sessions and dive deeper into the workings of my inner voice, I plan on sharing more- which is why this post is titled "part 1". I have no clue how many parts there will be, what will come forward, or how this connection to my inner voice will develop...

But I trust my inner voice to get me there. I trust the Universe. And I trust myself.

xx Hannah