My Favorite Tarot + Oracle Card Decks

spirituality tarot wellness May 20, 2021
A woman's hand holding a tarot card, surrounded by a iPhone, card decks, crystals, and a yoga mat

I get asked on a near-daily basis what my favorite decks are, and to be totally honest- it's HARD to pick just one! As the proud owner of close to 30 different decks, I love having a variety to pick from each day. It's a great way for me to tap into my intuition by "feeling" into which deck or decks I'm called to, and picking a channeled message from there.

But with that, I want to say that you absolutely do NOT need to have a massive collection of card decks in order to receive channeled messages every day. In fact, just finding the one *right* deck that speaks to you is the perfect way to begin connecting to your intuition and receiving channeled messages from the Universe.

In this post, I'll be sharing a few of my personal favorite tarot and oracle card decks. These are ones that I have in my personal collection, and have used for an extended period of time. But before I get into my favorite decks, let's cover what the differences are between tarot decks and oracle decks.

What is Tarot?

Tarot originated in Europe in the 15th century as a card game, however it became  popular as a divination tool in the 1750's. Cartomancy (divination using cards) was thought to have first been practiced in Egypt prior to this, however the first recorded tarot card reading dates back to Paris in the 1750's.

While there are many different variations of tarot decks, the premise to the decks mostly remain the same. A traditional tarot deck consists of 78-cards, and is split into two parts: the "Major Arcana" and the "Minor Arcana." The Major Arcana are 22 cards that are also known as the "trump" cards, and the Minor Arcana consists of the following 56 cards split into 4 unique suits.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are similar to tarot in their divination purposes, but are more focused upon self-reflection and intuition. There are hundreds of oracle decks with different themes, from fertility oracles to money oracles and even oracles for your pets. The main difference between oracle cards and tarot cards is that unlike tarot cards, there's no particular format for oracle cards. You can find a deck with 20 cards, and a deck with 100 cards. Some can be split into multiple categories, and some aren't. They follow much more of a loose format than tarot, allowing for more intuitive and creative freedom in their interpretation.


What Kind of Deck Should You Choose?

I think the short answer to this question is, if you're willing to put in the effort to study and learn a new esoteric practice, then I would absolutely recommend tarot. It's a much more complex practice, for better or for worse. For one, it takes longer to master, but at the same time, the answers that can be garnered from tarot is, in my opinion, infinitely more specific.

However, if you're a beginning or just looking for something a bit more casual day-to-day, then oracle cards are a great place to start! 

Personally, I use a combination of both in my daily practice. While I wouldn't consider myself an expert on tarot quite yet, I have loved getting in the habit of reading my cards daily. I use the tarot to get a sense of the general message that's showing up for me, and then use my oracle cards to expand upon the message. It's a very powerful practice, and no matter how many times I do it, the answers always surprise me.

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite tarot and oracle decks!

Tarot Decks

1. Labyrinthos Tarot

 This is the tarot deck that I personally use daily- and I get asked about it ALL the time! The design of the cards is absolutely beautiful, with just a simple back card with gold foil detailing. Not to be biased, but this deck is definitely my favorite, so if you're going to buy only one, I highly recommend this one.

2. Wanderer's Tarot

The first tarot deck I ever received! I got this deck back in 2016 when I was first embarking on my spiritual journey. I was drawn to it for its minimalist designs (can you tell I have a "thing" for black cards?) and quickly fell in-love. This was the perfect starter deck for me. The creator, Casey Zabala, is also local to me, and I got to meet her once at a tarot event she hosted at Free people in Walnut Creek, CA! She was so sweet and insightful, which made me love supporting her work even more.

3. Rider Waite Tarot Deck

This is the king of all tarot decks- but with a twist! When you've seen a traditional tarot deck, chances are, it was the Rider Waite one. This is the most popular or "famous" of all tarot decks. And while it tends to take on a more primary color palette, I love this twist of the all-pink. It's so cute!

4. The Modern Witch Tarot

In this house, we support decks that feature badass women of color. I love the Modern Witch tarot deck as a refreshing take on the masculine-focused Rider Waite! This bright, colorful deck features all women, and makes a great starter-deck alternative to the Rider Waite.

5. Tarot Cats

 And if decks with people on them aren't calling your name, then I absolutely love this cat tarot deck. The design is gorgeous and the cats provide such a fun and playful touch. As you can see, most tarot decks are built the same, but it's really about which aesthetics you're called towards!


Oracle Decks 

1. The Universe Has Your Back

Although this appears to be just a deck of positive affirmations, I've found these affirmations to be extremely profound and a great way to work with my intuition! The messages that come are always in alignment with what I'm feeling.

If you've following my Daily Affirmations (or #DailyTRTHs) on Instagram, then you may or may not know that this is the deck that inspired them! I started working with this deck in November 2017, and found the messages so profound that I wanted to try my hand at writing my own. And lo and behold, the Daily Affirmations were born!

2. Success Oracle

If you're looking for a fun and inspirational deck, then this is the perfect oracle deck for you! This deck features inspirational quotes from some of the world's most famous icons- from Oprah to Steve Jobs and everyone in-between. I love this deck for when I'm seeking a boost of motivation and a reminder that anything is possible.

3. Messages From Your Angels

Believe it or not, this was the first oracle deck I ever bought! Many people have different beliefs when it comes to the angels, but personally, I believe that the angels are always around us, guiding us, and supporting us in everything that we do. I love using this deck when I'm in need of divine guidance and want to know which angel to call upon / pray to for support. 

4. Fairy Oracle

Just like the angels, our fairy guides are always around us. Although many of us don't see them or witness their magic, we can be intentional in the way that we try to connect to them. The more we are intentional about connecting to them, and calling upon them for their support (as well as giving them reason for helping us), we can lean into their magical energy and gain support from it. I love using this deck to connect to my fairy guides, and remind myself that they're always around me.

5. Dreamy Moons Affirmation Cards

This hand-painted oracle deck is loaded with beautiful affirmations that uplift and inspire you. I've had this deck for a few years now, and it's consistently been one of my favorite decks to work with. Plus, I love supporting small, independent artists who infuse so much love, care, and intention into their work. 

 If you're looking to start getting into the art of tarot + oracle cards, then these decks are a great place to start! If you decide to try out any of these decks, be sure to snap a photo and tag me on Instagram so I can see and support you in your journey!