How to Perform a New Moon + Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

astrology manifestation moon ritual Jul 03, 2021

Moon rituals are one of my favorite ways to set intentions and consciously manifest. Unlike with traditional intention setting (i.e. writing an intention down and forgetting about it), a moon ritual combines the astrological and cosmic powers of the moon to harness the unique energies of the present, in order to more powerfully create our desires within our tangible reality. When done correctly, it can be an incredibly transformative experience that completely changes the way we manifest. And, lucky for us, we get two chances at it every single month.

The first step to performing a moon ritual is, notably, to understand the unique phases of the moon, taking note of when it is new, when it is full, and in what astrological phase it is in. If you follow me on Instagram, I post daily “Moonscopes” which track these phases, and generally put up a video on my stories and IGTV every time there is a new or full moon. To stay up-to-date, you can follow me here. But, to track these phases on your own time, I recommend downloading the free app, TimePassages.

As noted above, the phases of the moon culminate into two unique ways: first with the new moon, which generally occurs within the first 1-2 weeks of a new astrological season, and the full moon, which occurs towards the latter-half of the season. The new moon represents new beginnings, new energies, and the perfect energy to manifest, while the full moon represents the shadow side, the inner work, and the shedding of old wounds.

We can tell when the new moon will occur because the sun and the moon are conjunct one another - meaning they are both within the same astrological sign and within 10 degrees of separation. People with these placements within their own charts, consequently, were born under the new moon. On the other hand, we can tell when the moon is full because the moon is opposing the sun, in its “polar” sign. A polar sign is a sign that represents the opposite characteristics from the sign at hand. They’re two sides of the same coin, and bring out reverse qualities within one another. So, for example, when the sun is in Cancer, the full moon occurs when the moon is in Capricorn, and vice versa. Here’s a breakdown of the polar signs:

Aries - Libra

Taurus - Scorpio

Gemini - Sagittarius

Cancer - Capricorn

Leo - Aquarius

Virgo - Pisces

And here is a more in-depth breakdown on the two types of moons:

The New Moon - The symbol of new beginnings. The moon here sits equally between the sun and the earth and marks the beginning of a new period of time. Astrologically speaking, the new moon generally occurs within the first five or so days of a new astrological season. In the period during the new moon, the moon is almost invisible in the sky. It’s during this time that solar eclipses are possible as the moon moves between the sun and earth, causing earth’s shadow to partially obscure the moon.

The Full Moon - A time to let things go. The full moon often falls towards the end of an astrological season, when the moon is sitting opposite from the sun (or, opposing the sun. Those born under the full moon will likely see a sun-moon opposition within their natal charts). It’s during this time that lunar eclipses can happen, when the moon blocks all or a portion of the sun.

When we can understand which moon is present, and combine it with the energies of the sign that it is in (along with how it’s aspected astrologically), we can begin to understand how we are mean to work with the moon during that particular period. These interpretations are generally done by an astrologer (or someone with enough of an astrological background in order to put these pieces of the puzzle together).

Understanding the type of moon that’s present is also important to determining what type of moon ritual needs to be done. As mentioned earlier, the new moon is the time to manifest, while the full moon is the time to release. Both of these individual energies require slightly different moon rituals in order to maximize the energies present.

However, before we get into the differences between these two, let’s talk about how a moon ritual is performed.


In order to perform a moon ritual, you’ll need the following tools:

  • A paper + pen

  • A kitchen pot

  • A lighter

To get started, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to an outdoor area. Whether it’s a balcony or a backyard, finding somewhere that you can go outside will be crucial to ensure that you’re performing this ritual safely.

Go into a meditation and take a few deep breaths. Ask for clarity and guidance to be brought to you. Call upon your guides (if you have a connection to them) and ask them to support you in this journey. Then, grab your piece of paper and your pen and begin to write down your intentions.

This is where the ritual will differ from new moon to full moon. During the new moon, you'll want to write down intentions related to your manifestations. Think about what it is that you desire and write down intentions that relate to it.

During the full moon, however, you’ll want to write down intentions related towards what you’re ready to release. The full moon is not the time for manifesting. It is only the time for letting go of whatever is holding you back from manifesting your desires during the new moon.

While the subjects of what you write may differ between moons, in both cases, you’ll want to write the statements the same way - by writing them in the present. By writing them in this way, you are aligning with the vibration that it is already done. You’re aligning with the vibration that you've already manifested and/or released whatever it is that you intended. And by aligning with this vibration, you are subsequently calling these energies in closer.

For example, if you were intending to manifest a partner under the new moon, you could write something like this: “I am so grateful that my dream partner is in my life.”

Or, “I am so grateful that I am loved by the partner of my dreams.”

On the other hand, if you were releasing attachment to a partner under the full moon (like after a breakup, for example), you could write something like this: “I am grateful that I have released all attachment to {insert partner’s name here} and that I can move on to a beautiful new love.”

This doesn't just apply to love and relationships, but rather, can be applied to any situation. It doesn’t matter so much what the subject is, it’s more important that it’s worded correctly. And in my experience, the fastest and most effective way to manifest or release under the moon is by following this gratitude statement format.

Continue creating your list of all that you wish to manifest or release, following this format. You can write multiple statements on multiple subjects and put them all on the same piece of paper, if you wish. You don’t have to separate them.

When you’ve finished writing your list, seal out your intentions with the following closing statement: “I surrender these intentions to the Universe and trust that they will {manifest / release} in divine timing. And so it is.

Fold up your list, then grab it along with your kitchen pot and lighter and head outside.

Once you’re outside, place the paper in the kitchen pot and light it on fire. Please make sure you are doing this outside and somewhere safe. A balcony, backyard, or somewhere that doesn’t pose as a potential fire hazard is ideal.

Let the paper burn away to ashes inside the pot, and when it’s finished, find somewhere to scatter the ashes. I like to do mine atop any sort of soil or dirt, but you can also scatter them amongst grass or in a body of water like an ocean or a lake. It’s important to do this somewhere where you will be able to “surrender” these ashes to the Earth, through one of the elements. If none of these options are available to you, then you can let the ashes dissolve into a bucket of water.

And that is how you perform a basic moon ritual! While the time between the performance of the ritual and when there intentions manifest will vary, I’ve found that this process generally can yield fairly quick results.

Be sure to try it out if it calls to you, and let me know down below if you have any questions! If you do decide to try it out for yourself, post it on your stories and tag me @theroadtohannah - I”d love to see it!

xx Hannah

Photos by: Encarnacion Photography